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A New Dawn

A New Dawn
A New Dawn

Explore, Engage, Evolve

Built for People at the Forefront of Evolving Culture

Built for People at the Forefront of Evolving Culture.

In this version of the Network, you can browse our early channels, visit channels featuring speakers from the Wholelife Expos and beyond, and you can subscribe to channels, much like YouTube, but with content curated to fit your tastes and interests. Soon you will be able to attend live streaming events to experience the intimacy and power of real time presentations with a global community.

We currently offer three types of channels

  • Topic-based Channels/Video magazines.

    Topic-based channels are focused on delivering the best and latest of content, products, services and even discount coupons from leading practitioners and producers in the fields of holistic health and wellness, personal development, eco-fashion, sustainable lifestyle, food, yoga, parenting and much more.

  • Wholelife TV Channel

    Wholelife TV is redefining the concept of conscious media from interviews and documentaries to encompass a person’s whole life. It is the flagship channel of Wholelife.com, and features a daily schedule of new and contextually relevant programs for the Quality of Life community that is our audience. Wholelife TV will soon be syndicated to hundreds of websites and Facebook pages. with hundreds of thousands and often millions of audience members.

  • Business channels for influencers, experts (mavens), visionary entrepreneurs.

    Delve deeper into subjects and practices that interest you, or that you are passionate about. Develop your relationships to experts and thought leaders in dozens of areas that enrich and enlighten the future we are creating. Build community with others of similar interests.

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