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About Wholelife Network

Past, present, and Future

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Aytopia Inc.
is an incubator of start-up ventures in the domains of media, commerce, community and technology. Aytopia.com

It has acquired the assets of the legendary Wholelife Expositions and Conferences and has relaunched as the Wholelife network, a collaborative platform with software applications designed to create a one-stop media distribution and monetization resource for business clients and  an ecosystem of community, content for consumer clients.

 Since the early 80’s Wholelife Expositions and Conferences was the pioneer umbrella brand and leader of the Quality of Life market, producing expositions and conferences across the USA in more than 20 cities for more than three decades.

As many as twenty thousand people would attend each event gathering around best-selling authors, experts, practitioners and hundreds of visionary vendors to socialize, network, shop and learn in a spirit of community and collaboration.

Wholelife Expositions and Conferences produced over one hundred expos, served and connected over 10,000 business clients, including thought leaders, influencers, authors, experts, practitioners, causes and other businesses, and served more than one million attendees.

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